Getaway of the Gundarks
By Tucker Tuffile


Coming from a young boy’s eyes it was the most interesting thing he had ever done. Anakin held the training lightsaber and he felt like a true Jedi master like Yoda. He had no trouble deflecting the lasers from the floating training remote. Obi Wan ran into the room and said in a troubled tone, “Anakin, I have some bad news.”
”What is it?” the confused young boy said putting down his training lightsaber.
“Gundarks,” replied Obi Wan in a concerned way. “They’ve invaded Corscant,” said Obi Wan sounding even more concerned than before. Then he started talking to himself Anakin could barely make out what he said. “They must have escaped somehow. We must have a separatist mole.” That remark scared Anakin. First the gundarks and now the mole! He had heard stories about how vicious gundarks are and now a mole too. He knew that jedi weren’t supposed to be scared. That was part of the path to the dark side.
“Hey, are you even listening?” Obi Wan’s voice broke the day dream about gundarks, moles, and the dark side. “The Jedi of the high council said that this could be a good exercise for you and I,” Obi Wan said reassuringly.

“There are five of them,” Obi Wan said confidently before they were about to ambush one. Anakin thought that ambushing a hungry gundark wasn’t the best idea. But before Anakin could say anything, Obi Wan commanded, “Go!” They activated their lightsabers Anakin put his training lightsaber on the highest setting so he could stun the gundark. As the gundark turned around, Obi Wan distracted the beast with a burn on the hand. Just then, Anakin jumped onto the gundark’s back and hit it with the training lightsaber. As soon as that happened, the gundark fell on the ground, stunned, but not dead because a training lightsaber cannot kill anything.
“We need a pick up at the main ally way, sector seven,” said Obi wan firmly, but proudly into his comlink. Anakin just stood there amazed at what he had done.

Later that evening, when they had captured all of the gundarks, Obi Wan took Anakin to the Jedi council.
“We captured all five gundarks, but we still have that separatist mole to worry about,” said Obi Wan with concern in his voice.

 “Leave that to us you will.  Done your part you have. Do our part we shall,” replied a convincing Master Yoda. “Rest. Need rest you do, Hmm?”

The next morning when Anakin woke up he looked everywhere in the Jedi temple but he could not find Obi Wan. Where was he?

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