Star Wars
By Guhan Nandakumar


Edus Renz was emptying out the filter of his father’s moisture vaporizer when he had his force-vision. It was dawn and the binary suns were slowly creeping up from behind the sand dunes. Gusts of wind whistled through the air scattering sand. Edus shook the dust from the filter’s netting. Usually someone would need a patch in droid unit to translate the binary language of the vaporizer’s interface, but Edus had spent enough time around his father’s moisture farm to become fluent in the binary language. Edus was out on his daily morning maintenance shift. His job was to clean out the vaporizer’s filter.

Edus shook the filter then began to slide it into its port. The vaporizer wasn’t accepting it though. So he took the filter and set it atop the port’s drive. Dust slowly began to trail below, out of the filter. Edus leaned against the hunk of metal and looked over at the sunrise longingly. The sky was set ablaze in a pink glow. But you could still see the stars sprawled across the edges of the sky, soon to be washed over by the light. Edus often wondered what space was like. He wondered what it would be like to fly among the stars, and see the wonders of the worlds that lied beyond his father’s farm and beyond the parched sandbox he called Tatooine.

A powerful gust blew across the landscape, creating a wave of sand that crashed over. Suddenly a long howl pierced through the air. The wind began to pick up speed. If Edus stayed any longer he might get caught in a sandstorm.

He patted the filter, shaking the remaining dust loose. He then jammed it into the port. It was accepted.

The wind churned. A curtain of moving sand whipped across the hills. Edus fell backwards. He had nowhere to go. He was panicking. His heart hammered at his ribs.

The howl repeated. The sand was in a frenzy, and Edus was starting to see less and less of his surroundings.  The howl resonated now joined by a second one, penetrating the sound of the sandstorm.

The walls of sand closed in. He was clamped in a ball, then he squeezed his eyes shut, anticipating the worst.

Then without warning the wail of the winds died down and the sand fell back in a heap to the earth. Edus didn’t dare move. He finally began to unclamp. He spit out sand that had gotten in his mouth and rubbed his eyes. He stood up. Gazing out ahead, he could see that strangely, it was now past morning. The glowering suns beat down on him, basking him in the sweltering heat. But there were two objects in the sky. They were identical and were speeding toward Edus at a frighteningly fast pace. They were small circular compartments attached to two large plates. Edus could hear the same howl from before, but it was faint and distant. The howl increased as the vehicles came closer.

Edus felt a desire to run away, but he was intrigued. The howling vehicles were now close to him. They were rushing down at him from the sky.

Then it struck him. These were the TIE fighters that his father used to tell him about. They were the Starfighters used by the Empire back when they were at large. A feeling of dread crawled up Edus. The Starfighters fired their laser cannons. Flashes of green were followed by explosions.

Sand erupted and cascaded over Edus. The ground was on fire. He fled the scene. He ran over the dunes, panting heavily. He wouldn’t be able to outrun the TIE fighters. He wouldn’t be able to make it back to the farm. The pilots continued firing at Edus.

He dodged the blasts, trying to avoid getting swept away in the sand. The ground at Edus’s feet then erupted in a flash of green. Sand shot into the air and showered him, as he fell to the ground.

Edus couldn’t see a thing. He was lying down and sand was in his eyes. They stung. A lot. He tried to rub it out. But it was a futile attempt. Edus could no longer hear the TIE fighters. Once he opened his eyes, he couldn’t see them either.

Edus was no longer on his father’s farmland. It was nighttime and he was in some sort of village. Then through blinking eyes Edus could see a transporter shuttle land in front of him.

Villagers exited their huts. The launching gear of the transporter took hold of the ground. The dismemberment ramp lowered, and out came men clad in blinding white armor. They were wearing helmets with black lenses. As they came out, they began to fire at the villagers with their blaster rifles. Streaks of red lit up the night in a nightmarish glow. One of the soldiers shot at Edus and the world blacked out.

Edus could see a dark haired woman in scavenger clothes with a staff and a man in dark clothes wearing a jacket running frantically across a stretch of desert land. A bb-unit rolled behind them. They were pursued by a pair of TIE fighters. They were headed towards a quad jumper.  A TIE fighter fired at it.  The ship exploded.

The world blacked out again.

A mysterious voice spoke.

“There has been an awakening.”

“Have you felt it?”

Edus gasped, falling to the ground. He was back at the farmland, next to the moisture vaporizer. Hallucination, was the conclusion that Edus came to. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence on Tatooine. Many have gone mad from dehydration. His foot had nudged a glass box coated in strange gold patterns. He was strangely drawn to it. So he picked it up and headed home, as the rising suns’ light washed over the hills of sand.

Little did Edus know that the box was a Jedi holocron. The sandbox he called Tatooine had more wonders than he had thought.