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What Can I Download?

The SAILS library network offers e-books, audio books, music, and now streaming video in downloadable format. These work just the same as borrowing a print book or CD. They're free, but will expire after a specific time period--either 7, 14, or 21 days. You can change your preferred borrowing time under the settings tab in your SAILS account. Search for downloadable titles here.

Axis 360 provides even more e-book choices for adults, teens, and kids, with popular titles in a fully accessible format that allows you to read on multiple platforms. Download to your phone, then enjoy on your tablet. The free Blio reader app is compatible with any screen reader for visually impaired people.

TumbleBooks, animated e-books for kids, are a great option for children just learning to read. They can follow along with the story while watching pictures and animations. Some have games to play as well.

Freegal Music is an additional download option for Fall River library card holders only. Library members can download songs in MP3 format. This music is free, and you can keep it forever. There is a limit of 3 songs per week, or 156 per year.

Hoopla is the newest addition to our digital collection. They offer e-books, audio books, comics, music, and movies. All are free and can be found just by searching our library catalog. (They are listed by title and author, or you can do a keyword search with "Hoopla digital" to see all Hoopla titles.) You can download the Hoopla app (Apple or Android) to enjoy these titles on your phone or tablet. Hoopla movies can also be streamed through streaming TV devices, such as Roku. Here's a helpful guide.

What Formats are Available?

Most e-books are available in a variety of formats for all popular e-readers and mobile devices, including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony, iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Android phones/tablets. They will also work on most laptop or desktop computers. SAILS provides a complete list of supported devices.

In order to borrow e-books, you will need to download either Libby or Overdrive. These are applications the SAILS library system uses to process downloads. They are free and safe to download to your computer or device. You can read books right in your browser (you will need to be online to do this) or download them so you can read them anytime, even without wi-fi.

If you are downloading a book in the Adobe ePub or PDF format, you may also need to download Adobe software and register online with Adobe. If you don't already have one, you will be prompted to create an Adobe account with a username and password. This is free and takes just a minute. Kindle now has a free app that can be used on other devices, including Apple iPads and iPhones. To download books for Kindle, you will need an Amazon ID (usually, an email address and password). Normally, you will set up your Amazon ID when you first purchase your Kindle. If you use Libby, you can read right in the Libby app.

Using your library card, you can browse for e-books online, add them to your cart, and check them out, just like checking out a physical book. Unlike a physical book, they don't need to be returned. When the loan time (your choice of 7, 14, or 21 days) expires, they will automatically be deleted from your device. You can still return them earlier if you want to, but this must be done from within your reading app. Some books can also be renewed from the reading app.

Downloading books may seem complicated the first time you do it, but it's easy once you get started. There's a Quick Start Guide on the main download page, and other help, including a guided tour. The library also offers free one-on-one or small group classes. Call 508-324-2700 and ask for reference services, or email frweb@sailsinc.org to schedule a one-on-one tech help session.

Privacy Notice for Kindle Users

SAILS provides downloadable ebook, audiobook, music and video content to patrons in partnership with OverDrive. With the addition of Kindle ebooks, our supplier, OverDrive, uses a third party, Amazon, to fulfill ebook downloads.

Patrons are brought to the Amazon page to retrieve their ebook. The patron uses either their existing Amazon account, or, if the patron does not already have an Amazon account, s/he establishes an Amazon account with username, password and an associated email address. There is a library book help page for Kindle users on the Amazon site.

The patron may receive an email message from Amazon before the ebook license expires and when the ebook license expires. The email message may include an invitation to purchase the title from Amazon.

SAILS does not have control over the content of email from Amazon and SAILS does not receive any percentage of cost should the patron decide to purchase a title from Amazon.

SAILS does not have control over patron information that third parties with which OverDrive partners (including Amazon) collect.

Please consider this before you use Kindle ebooks available on the library download site.

Downloading Help - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why doesn’t the library buy every bestselling title in eBook format?

A. Not all publishers will sell eBooks to libraries and library consortia. As of January 2012, we are unable to purchase new releases from Penguin (eBook and audio book) or any title by Simon and Schuster, Macmillan, Hachette, and Brilliance Audio. HarperCollins requires that we purchase a new copy of a title after 26 uses.

Q. I have a Kindle. I thought all eBooks owned by the library were Kindle compatible but some titles won’t work on my Kindle. Why?

A. Some publishers will not allow libraries to loan their titles in Kindle format even though you, as a consumer, can purchase a copy that is Kindle compatible.

Q. Why do I have to wait for an eBook? Aren’t these virtual?

A. Libraries have to purchase an eBook in the same way they purchase physical books. The publishers require us to abide by one copy/one user model just as we do with physical books. We try to anticipate which titles will be popular by purchasing extra copies but we don’t have the funds to buy enough copies to fill every patron request immediately.

Q. EBooks are less expensive than print books. Why doesn’t the library own more eBooks?

A. The price that we pay to the publishers for eBooks is higher than the price charged to consumers. In many cases the publishers charge the library more than the cost of a print copy. While the libraries in SAILS have more than doubled what they are spending on eBooks, there is still a financial limit on how much we can spend.

Q. How long will I have to wait for a title if I am on hold?

A. SAILS will buy a copy of a title for every seven holds placed. EBooks can’t be returned late so your wait won’t be too long. Sometimes, however, a publisher will remove a title from sale to libraries after we have purchased it. If it is a popular title we can have many holds on one copy but be unable to purchase additional copies to fill holds.

Q. Can I donate the eBooks I have purchased to the library?

A. Under current copyright and digital rights restrictions you are unable to donate eBooks to the library for other patrons to use. However, a portion of each sale of digital content or other items, purchased from OverDrive WIN Affiliated Retailers using the “Buy it Now” link from the sails.lib.overdrive.com website, is credited back to this library. The funds your library earns from the OverDrive WIN Affiliate Program will be a credit for the library to add eBooks, audiobooks, or music to its virtual branch. The titles and materials the library selects are at the library's discretion.

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