Meeting Rooms

NOTE: Due to library occupancy restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic, meeting rooms are not available to the public until further notice.

Meeting Room Info

The Fall River Public Library has a large meeting room and a small conference room that are normally available for public use. Meeting rooms must be reserved Priorities in the use of meeting facilities are as follows:

  1. Meetings held, sponsored, or co-sponsored by the library.

  2. Meetings held by a city, state, or federal agency or official.

  3. Meetings held by Fall River groups or organizations.

  4. Meetings held by Greater Fall River groups or organizations.

  5. Meetings held by individuals

The facilities are available to for-profits groups and organizations upon payment of the appropriate fee or fees. Fee is non-refundable if not cancelled with a 30-day notice. Fees are currently as follows:

Room                                                     For-Profit Groups                Non-Profit Groups or Individuals
Large Meeting Room fee                      $50 per meeting                     $5 per meeting                                       

Small Meeting Room fee                       $25 per meeting                     $5 per meeting       

Meetings must be reserved in advance. Meetings should be scheduled to end at least one half hour before the library closes, to insure that all participants will have left the library by closing time.

The library does not provide equipment or refreshments for outside groups.

The full library meeting room policy is available here.

Request a Meeting Room

To reserve a meeting room, choose "Request a Room" in the online form.

Alternatively, you may print out and return this form to the library director.