Photography and Filming in the Library

The Fall River Public Library prides itself on providing a safe and enjoyable experience to all its users, offering an atmosphere conducive to everyone’s right to unimpeded and enjoyable library use. The library also recognizes that there are times when the desire or need to capture a permanent image of an event or the building is important.

To retain the privacy of library users as well as the aforementioned safe and enjoyable space, the following is the stated policy for photography, filming and recording in the library. The library suggests a recommended donation of $50 for people wishing to use its facilities for photos.

People wishing to film or do a photo shoot in the library should download and fill out this form and bring it with them when they visit. The form is also available from the library administrator. (Note: casual snapshots taken at library events do not require a form.)

Casual noncommercial photography intended to record a visit to the public areas of the library is permitted provided that such photography

  • does not interfere in any way with Library operations
  • does not capture identifiable likenesses of individual without their permission (see photo release form)
  • does not feature minors, except with the permission of their parent or legal guardian (see photo release form)
  • does not use any supplemental lighting
  • is not to be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever


Individuals or organizations seeking to do photography or filming for commercial purposes will be referred to the Library Administrator. 


It should be noted that the Fall River Public Library is a public building and your entrance constitutes permission for your photograph, voice or image to be recorded. Furthermore, your attendance at any Fall River Public Library-sponsored event or program constitutes permission for your photograph, recorded voice or image to be used for promotional purposes; holding harmless the library and its agents and employees from and against any claims or liability arising from or related to the use, publication or distribution of the photographs, videos, and audio recordings and without further compensation.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees February 8, 2012