Notary Services

A licensed Massachusetts Notary Public is available in the Reference Department by appointment. If you need to have a document signed and notarized, bring the document (unsigned) with you. Please call ahead to make sure a notary is available: 508-324-2700, ext. 3.

Please remember notaries witness signatures, so if you have already signed the document, it cannot be notarized. You must wait and sign in front of the notary.

If your document requires an additional witness beyond the notary, you must bring one with you. We are not able to provide witnesses. While we can notarize simple documents, we are not able to notarize legal documents such as divorce decrees, mortgages, deeds, wills, trusts, or marriage/birth/death certificates.

If you are getting a document notarized, you must be able to communicate directly with the notary (not through a translator or intermediary).

If you are having a document notarized for the purpose of obtaining a passport, you may not get the passport through the Fall River Public Library. If your passport requires a notarized form, you must have it notarized elsewhere if you are getting the passport at the library.


Notary Public